University Recommendation is a type of selection that students are recommended to MEXT by the Japanese university which will accept you as a research student. It is divided into 4 categories, “General”, “Special Program”, “SATREPS” and “e-Asia”. Yokohama National University recommends students under the two categories: “General” and “Special Program”.

Special Program

For “Special Program” category, each of the following programs accepts applications and conduct the screening respectively. See the admission schedule and selection method on the website of the program, and contact them directly for any inquiries. The selected candidates are recommended to MEXT from the university, and MEXT conducts a screening and selects scholarship grantees at the end of June (tentative). The grantees normally arrive in Japan in the end of September.

●The Graduate School of International Social Sciences
All-English graduate program for fostering professional and academic economists contributing to the development of social economy of emerging and developing countries
●The Graduate School of Engineering Science
Program for fostering key persons contributing to the co-evolutions of heavy industries in Japan and overseas
Education program of next generation environment/energy engineers for SDGs with academia-government-industry network in Yokohama area
●The Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
Educational Program to integrate Environments and Informatics for safe and sustainable society
●The Graduate School of Urban Innovation
International Graduate Program for Innovation of Civil Engineering through ICT technologies
Special International Program for Urban Infrastructure Engineering in Developing Countries


If you wish to be recommended under the “General” category, please follow the application procedures below and submit the necessary documents by uploading them from this page between Friday, 22 December 2023 and Tuesday, 9 January 2024 (Japanese Standard Time). YNU recommended candidates are selected and announced on Friday, 24 February 2023. (They must then submit the originals or certified copies during the designated submission period.) The selected candidates are recommended to MEXT from the university, and MEXT conducts a screening and selects scholarship grantees by the end of June (tentative). Therefore, it must be noted that being recommended by YNU as a candidate does not guarantee that he/she will be selected as a grantee. They normally arrive in Japan in the end of September.

[Notes for October 2024 Admission]
*The number of YNU recommended candidates is 3 (three), which is same as last year.
*Applicants must satisfy one of the following conditions (Self-recommendation is not acceptable):
 ① they are officially recommended by one of the international partner universities of YNU;
(Applicant must be from the applicable graduate school if the agreement is made only between the graduate schools);
 ② they are officially recommended by a university that has either organizational or personal relationship with YNU;
 ③ they are officially recommended by the college or graduate school of YNU from which they have graduated.
* Nationality: Applicants must have the nationality of a country designated by MEXT which is listed here.
* For other qualifications and conditions, application procedures, and application documents, etc, please read Application Guidelines.

Application procedures
  1. Check application qualification and conditions
    Check Application Guidelines and Academic Performance Entry Sheet to confirm whether your grade point average is 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above as well as whether you satisfy other qualifications and conditions.
  2. Find a prospective academic advisor
    If you can confirm that you satisfy all the necessary qualifications and conditions,look for prospective academic advisor(s) from the List of Faculty Members, contact him/her to consult about your research details, acceptance conditions and the like, and obtain the Conditional Acceptance Form(template format) before the stated application deadline. (In case his/her e-mail address is not disclosed, ask the office of the graduate school he/she belongs by email to forward your message to him/her.)
  3. Submit application documents
    Please fill out the form and upload all the necessary documents during the designated application period.
Documents to be submitted

NB: Although the documents need not be originals at the time of application, the successful applicants who wish to be recommended to MEXT by YNU must submit the originals (or the certified true copies issued by public institutions such as the applicant’s university) during the designated submission period (those marked by * below). YNU may also ask them to submit some additional documents or correct minor errors.

Conditional Acceptance Form (Template format by PDF or JPEG *)

  1. Application Form (Template format by PDF) and copy of passport (by PDF or JPEG)
  2. Field of Study and Research Plan[Research Proposal] (Template format by Word)
  3. Academic transcript for all academic year of university attended (graduate and/or undergraduate, by PDF or JPEG *)
  4. Academic Performance Entry Sheet (Template format by Excel)
  5. Certificate of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended (by PDF or JPEG *)
  6. Document that certifies that the applicant is ranked top 10% or 30% in the department of the last university attended (If any, by PDF or JPEG *)
  7. Official Recommendation letter from a high-ranking person (such as Dean or Director) at the current or last university attended, must be directed to President of YNU. (by PDF or JPEG *)
  8. Abstract of thesis (If any, by PDF)
  9. Documents that demonstrate the linguistic ability of the applicant which meet one of the conditions (by PDF or JPEG *)
Announcement of the results

The result of university screening will be notified to applicants on Monday, 5 February 2024, and of MEXT screening by the end of June (tentative). In both cases, the International Students Section will inform you of the result via email.
Note: if you wish to enter YNU as a regular student, you must pass an entrance exam conducted by each graduate school.

Application Guidelines

For details, please refer to the following guidelines.
Application Guidelines for YNU Recommended Candidates of Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2024 (Research Student by University Recommendation (General))

Note: This application procedures are conducted in accordance with MEXT’s “Application Guidelines for Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship 2024 (Research Students by University Recommendation (General))” released in November 2023.
Note: The office will be closed from 28 December 2023 to 3 January 2024 for a winter vacation.

Contact YNU International Students Section
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