The Global Doctoral Program for Academic Career Support (GDACS) is a doctoral program for faculty members of universities in emerging nations. The long-term objective of this program is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education and research at partner and other institutions and to the promotion of joint research with YNU by providing opportunities for their faculty members and researchers to study abroad and earn a doctoral degree.

Graduate Schools and Programs Recruiting Students and Quota for Admission
(Second Round Application)

Graduate SchoolProgram
Graduate School of International Social SciencesDoctoral programs
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences
Graduate School of Urban Innovation

Application Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must be, in principle, a faculty member or a researcher of the universities or research institutions in the emerging nations and meet all the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must be employed as a faculty member or researcher at one of partner universities of Yokohama National University (YNU) located in recipient area of Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA). If the applicant is employed outside of the partner university, he/she must have a record of exchange (inter-institutional or individual exchange between supervisors) with YNU.
  2. Having completed a master's program and earned a master's degree.
  3. Being guaranteed to return to their current institution after earning a doctoral degree at YNU and being highly motivated to promote education and research collaboration between YNU and their institution.
  4. Intending to earn a doctoral degree within 36 months of their admission to YNU as a doctoral student.

Application Procedures

In addition to the application documents required by the graduate school, the following documents should be submitted to the graduate school with the application.

  1. Letter of recommendation from the applicant‘s current institution (Form 1)
  2. Letter of recommendation from the academic advisor at YNU(Form 2)

Selection Process

Applicants who have been selected as successful applicants by the graduate school to which they have applied will be considered as successful applicants for this program.

Notice of Screening Results

If applicants pass the screening, “Certificate of Exemption” along with a letter of acceptance to the graduate school will be issued to them.

Application Fee, Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, and Scholarship

Applicants do not need to pay an application fee. Successful applicants are exempt from admission and tuition fees.
*Tuition for the period of study beyond the standard term of study will not be exempted.
*Scholarships are not provided.

Application Feenonpayment
Admission Feeexemption
Tuition Feeexemption

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