The following scholarships and financial support programs are available for international students who are willing to study in Japan.
* For information about the MEXT Scholarship, please click here.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Scholarship

YNU accepts master and doctoral students under scholarship programs sponsored and organized by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

World Bank Scholarship

YNU accepts master students under scholarship programs sponsored and organized by World Bank.

Foreign Government Scholarships

There are international students sponsored by foreign governments, such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, enrolled at YNU. For further information on eligibility, application schedule and benefits, please contact the appropriate agency in your country.

CSC-YNU Joint Scholarship Program

Tuition waiver and Scholarship

  • Tuition waiver program
    The program offered by YNU for privately financed international students entering in or after April 2020 will award those who have excellent academic records a full, half, or 30% waiver of their tuition fees (full or half waiver for doctoral programs) after they pass the application screening.
  • Scholarships
    At YNU, about 20% of privately financed international students receive some financial aid each year. In most cases, applications are only accepted after entering the university.