Please call the nearest Tokyo Electric Power Company office for information on electricity usage.


There are two types of gas: city gas and liquid propane gas (LP gas). To use city gas, you need to contact the nearest Tokyo Gas company and ask them to check your gas valves and facilities before the start of the service. For LP gas, please contact the nearest LP gas shop. If you need to buy gas equipment, please check which type of gas is required in your housing.


As Japan has high sanitation standards, tap water is drinkable anywhere in the country. To receive water supply in Yokohama, call the nearest waterworks bureau office. If you live in the Ooka International Residence, Tokiwadai International Residence, International Student House, or Minesawa International Student Dormitory, please consult with the person in charge.

NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai: Japan Broodcasting Corporation)

If you own a television set which receives NHK TV programs including a PC with a television tuner and one-segment enabled devices, you need to pay the NHK subscription charge as required by the law.
Please refer to the website below for details.

Telephone Service

To install a telephone in your room, please dial 116, the number of NTT (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Company) directly, or see a sales representative at the local branch office. If you live in the University’s International Student House or Minesawa International Student Dormitory, please see the guidelines of the facility.