Safety Precautions while Traveling Overseas

It may be possible for you to be involved in an unpredictable accident overseas. Please refer to the following guidelines to ensure your safety when traveling foreign countries.

1.Acquisition of the Overseas Travel Safety Information
Please refer to the “Overseas Travel Safety Information” provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and gather information on global and your destination country’s security situation every day to avoid getting involved in an accident overseas.

2.Acquisition of the Information about the Overseas Infectious Disease Situation
It is essential to gather enough information on various infectious diseases including COVID-19, new type of influenza, bird flu, and other diseases prior to your departure. The Quarantine Information Office of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer overseas security information on their websites. In addition, quarantine stations at airports distribute leaflets and other relevant information. Gathering information from a variety of sources and having enough knowledge beforehand, please pay attention to proper hygiene measures and food hygiene overseas.

3.Notification of Overseas Travel
When traveling overseas, please submit necessary documents to your undergraduate/graduate school office such as explanation letter for business trip or notification of overseas travel for private purposes.

4.Safety Confirmation
In case any incident or disaster occur in a place where you are staying, please contact your family, friends, and undergraduate/graduate school office immediately with your updated situation.

Procedures for Traveling Overseas

Procedures for Traveling Overseas (International Exchange and Education/Research Purposes)

Please read the following guidelines and submit the appropriate written oath to your undergraduate/graduate school office.
【To students】Overseas Travel for International Exchange and Education/Research Activities (updated on August 8, 2022) (※Japanese only)
Guidelines on Pre-Travel Crisis Management for Student Overseas Dispatch Project
Written Oath for the overseas dispatch program hosted by Yokohama National University
Written Oath for the overseas dispatch program by funds from Yokohama National University

Procedures for Traveling Overseas (Private Purposes)

If you are planning to travel abroad for private purposes (not either for business trip or programs organized by YNU), please fill out the online form (YNU Notification of Overseas Travel). After submitting the online form, please print out the confirmation page and submit it to your undergraduate/graduate school office before your departure. In addition, please make sure to have an overseas travel insurance and check the overseas travel safety information and the emergency contact information of the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your destination country before your departure. As you may be required to get a vaccine depending on the rules of your destination country, please confirm whether you need it in advance.

Membership Registration for OSSMA (Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance) Service

Membership Registration for OSSMA (Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance)

YNU students who will travel overseas for international exchange and education/research activities are required to register for OSSMA*. You can choose OSSMA Plus**, which includes medical assistance services. OSSMA Plus is exclusively for students.

*OSSMA is a comprehensive risk management service designed to meet the respective needs of schools, students going abroad to study, and their parents and guardians, NOT insurance. Please be sure to have an overseas travel insurance or study-abroad insurance by yourself.
**There is an overseas travel insurance dedicated to OSSMA Plus members.

How to Register for OSSMA/OSSMA Plus