Beware! The following acts are considered to be CRIMEs!

DO NOT believe these words; “This is an easy job,” “Just receive the package,” etc. Beware of ads for illegal jobs.

Illegal Deliveries
DO NOT receive parcels and forward them to the designated address for a monetary reward. The parcels could be merchandise obtained through frauds.
Illegal Trade of Bank Accounts/Mobile Phones
DO NOT buy or sell your cash cards and bank accounts. DO NOT sell your mobile phone to criminals. DO NOT open an account/buy a mobile phone under your name and sell them to others.
Withdrawing Money Using Someone Else’s Cash Card
DO NOT withdraw cash using a bank card handed over by a criminal organization. That means you are about to play a role as a “cash drawer” for fraudsters!

DO NOT be deceived! Avoid frauds!

Protect your identity from theft. Think twice before providing your personal information to others. DO NOT easily submit a scanned image of your ID cards (Residence card/Student card/Health insurance card).

Fake Online Shopping Scams
Fraudsters create online shopping websites that have a similar look and feel to genuine retailers. If you order items at these sites, you won’t receive the parcels, and your credit card information could be used for crimes.
Fake Survey Scams
Fraudsters create fake surveys. They steal your personal/credit card information with criminal intention.

Drugs are prohibited by law in Japan!

Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and stimulants are prohibited by law in Japan. It is forbidden to use them, and even to possess them.

Do not carry knives, etc.!

Carrying a knife without a valid reason is prohibited by law. Even stationery such as scissors and cutter knives are subject to control if carried in a ready-to-use condition without a valid reason.

Please obey the traffic rules!

A valid Japanese driver’s license is required to drive a moped, motorcycle, or car.

For Holders of Foreign Driver’s Licenses(National Police Agency)

To avoid getting into a traffic accident yourself or involving others, it is important to know the Japanese traffic rule.

Traffic Rules(English)
교통 법규(Korean)

Do not use abandoned bicycles without permission!

If you find an abandoned bicycle, do not use it without permission. In Japan, bicycles must be registered to prevent theft. If you use it, you will be arrested by the police for theft.
Even if you receive a bicycle from a friend, it is considered theft if you ride it without changing the registration. Please ask the person who registered your bicycle for theft prevention to write a certificate of transfer and change the registration at the police station where the bicycle is registered.