Central Library

You need a student ID to enter the facility and to borrow books.
Library hours are as follows.

While classes are in session
Monday to Friday: 8:40–21:45
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 9:30–16:30
While classes are not in session
Monday to Friday: 8:40–17:00
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
Number of books that can be borrowed and borrowing period:
5 books for 2 weeks for first to third year undergraduates
10 books for 1 month for fourth year undergraduates and research students
15 books for 2 months for graduate students

Multiple computers have been set up in the library to search for books and access the Internet. The international exchange corner is located on the third floor. Other libraries include the science and technology library and social science research library. For more details, please visit the affiliated library website.

Cafeterias, Student Co-op Store, etc.

You can find “Cafeteria 1” and the University Hall near the International Student Center. In the University Hall, there are another cafeteria on the second floor and the Student Co-op Store selling books, stationery, foods, necessities, travel tickets, and so forth.
In the College of Engineering Science building, there are “Cafeteria 2” and a convenience store.
Additionally, there is a café on the first floor of the Central Library, and during lunchtime, lunch cars are set up nearby.

Lunch Cars Menu (English)
Lunch Cars Menu (Chinese)

Use of Sports Fields and Borrowing Sports Equipment

Please use your student ID to apply at the Student Support Division.