From YNU Global Alumni Association Secretariat

Every year, Yokohama National University (YNU) welcomes a large number of international students, researchers and staff from all over the world.

Many of them, after going back to their home countries, actively communicate and exchange information with each other through the network they built at YNU. At the same time, many Japanese YNU graduates who work abroad are looking for opportunities to meet other YNU graduates in the countries they work and live.

By organizing and supporting alumni activities such as building global network, sending information and holding alumni meetings, YNU would like to help its graduates strengthen their “Kizuna (bonds)” and expand their networks beyond national borders and specializations.

Your joining would help us build the global alumni network more meaningful and fruitful. We are looking forward to your joining us.

Also, if you wish to join or contact alumni associations in your country, or get information on any other active alumni associations, please contact YNU International Office at “global.alumni(at)” .

(Global Promotion Division  International Planning Section)