Message from Director of International Strategy Organization

Director of International Strategy Organization
Prof. KABASHIMA Hiromi
I am KABASHIMA Hiromi, Director of International Strategy Organization at YNU. I have been assuming this post since October 27th, 2020. International Strategy Organization has two sections; the international planning section, and the basic educational section. The international planning section supervises international projects, and global education for the university. The basic educational section emphasizes communication which is the basis of globalization, and language education. As the center of promoting the university globalization, our organization has been vigorously conducting activities through accepting international students, dispatching YNU students overseas, exchanging communication with other universities at different levels, and actively presenting achievements of our academic research to the world since its establishment. We are facing many challenges, however, will make strenuous efforts to promote globalization of education and research. I would sincerely like to ask your kind supports for our organization.

YNU international strategy

YNU aims to establish its university as an academic institution opens to the world by forming a preeminent center of practical studies, and promoting it to every corner of the world.

YNU international strategy system

YNU promotes an international strategy under the following systems.

International Strategy Organization
Develop an international strategy of YNU. Align all the organizations organically from the university perspectives. Foster strategic human resources for globalization, and promote international academic research, and international cooperation.

International Strategy Organization Committee
Develop an international strategic plan in line with a basic guideline of international strategy meetings. Discuss the guidelines of action plans, and project plans to promote international strategy, and the guidelines of action plans to promote international academic research.

Organization Chart of International Strategy Organization

(International Planning Section, Global Promotion Division)